Southern California draws motorcyclists from around the world with its unique roads, scenic villages, and wide-open vistas. California leads the nation in motorcycle registrations with more than 800,000 vehicles registered according to the California Department of Vehicles. Unfortunately, the large number of motorcyclists, many of whom are visitors from other states and countries, leads to motorcycle accidents. Injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident can be especially severe because the vehicle provides no protection in a crash. Motorcyclists may be thrown into the air landing on the pavement with a bone crushing impact. They may also suffer road rash injuries that require skin grafting. Other injuries caused by a motorcycle accident may include traumatic brain injury, compound fractures, spinal injuries, and internal injuries.

What Types of Injuries Do Motorcycle Riders Generally Sustain from Accidents?

Accidents involving motorcycle riders often result in more severe injuries compared to typical motor vehicle accidents. Commonly, leg injuries occur, primarily because the legs are a vulnerable impact zone when riders are directly hit by a vehicle, given the height difference. The absence of seatbelts and roll cages also contributes to riders frequently being thrown from their bikes.

In addition to leg injuries, riders often suffer injuries to the neck, back, ribs, and head. Concussions are typical, especially when riders make contact with the pavement, as helmets may not entirely prevent head injuries. The unique dynamics of motorcycle accidents underscore the heightened risks and potential for more severe physical harm to riders. If you’ve experienced injuries in a motorcycle accident, our legal team is here to assist you in navigating the legal process and pursuing the compensation you deserve.

California Motorcycle Accident Statistics: A Closer Look

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, motorcycle accidents in the U.S. witnessed a decline in 2013, though the reason behind this drop seems linked to unfavorable riding conditions rather than improved driving habits. The prolonged and dry winter of 2012 contributed to a spike in motorcycle accident rates.

Referencing a report from the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), the LA Times highlighted key insights into motorcycle accidents:

  • Motorcycle crash fatalities in California saw a notable 13% decrease in 2013.
  • 29% of motorcyclists killed in crashes had a blood alcohol concentration exceeding .08%, which is the legal limit for vehicle operation in California.
  • Shockingly, 22% of motorcyclists killed in crashes did not possess valid motorcycle licenses.
  • States without universal helmet laws experienced ten times as many motorcyclist fatalities compared to states with such laws.

Despite these statistics, many riders opt not to wear helmets due to discomfort or bulkiness. Some may assert confidence in their safe driving practices; however, this doesn’t account for potential risks from other drivers who might be speeding, fatigued, or distracted. If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, our legal team is ready to assist you in understanding your rights and pursuing the compensation you deserve.

Our La Habra, CA motorcycle accident lawyers can help

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